Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Monsters - Werewolves, Vampires, and Gargoyles

As my 31 Days of Halloween continue, here is a short post about monsters. I found at least two story ideas as I read through the list. How many can you find?

Monster Trivia & Folklore

  1. Signs of a werewolf are a unibrow, hairy palms, tattoos, and a long middle finger.
  2. Vampires are mythical beings who defy death by sucking the blood of humans.
  3. In 1962, The Count Dracula Society was founded by Dr. Donald A. Reed.
  4. To this day, there are vampire clubs and societies with people claiming to be real vampires.
  5. There really are so-called vampire bats, but they're not from Transylvania. They live in Central and South America and feed on the blood of cattle, horses and birds.
  6. Many people still believe that gargoyles were created by medieval architects and stone carvers to ward off evil spirits.


  1. Interesting. Seems vamps have been around forever. I've read the myth was based on Count Vlad, so maybe that's why it seems so old. Glad we did away with the unibrow for weres - not sexy. LOL

    1. Yes, I've heard the same about Count Vlad as being what the vampire myth was based on. I have more trivia about vampires to post later this month, but it seems these creepy creatures have been around since the dawn of time. LOL.