Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Muse - Andrei Andrei (Take Two)

I wasn't going to post Andrei Andrei as my Monday Muse this week since he was my muse last week, but oh well, Fate intervened. In a very nice, dreamy way. Literally, my subconscious mind interjected Mr. Andrei into my dreams last night. Now, I know that real life and dream life are two totally different things, but when you're dreaming, it's very real. And I didn't want to wake up this morning. Because Andrei was the dreamiest dream man I've dreamed about in a while. *sigh* He was charming, sexy, a good cook, and...well...very attentive. *chuckle* So, that's how he became this week's Monday Muse after appearing as such last week. But in my (and his) defense, he has so many awesome pictures out there he could be my Monday Muse for the next few weeks and I still wouldn't run out. I hope you enjoy my inspirational hero as much as I have. *wink*

Happy viewing!


  1. Talk about good genes *dreamy eyes* :)

  2. amazing pics...and I have a few of the same...

    Donya...don't forget...

    The Reading Cafe interview with Andrei is TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 4, 2012...3pm est

    Hope to see everyone at The Reading Cafe.

    1. I've been thinking about that interview! I'll definitely stop by to read it...and promote it. Thank you. :)