Sunday, July 1, 2012

Monday Muse

I write both M/F and M/M erotic romance (with hints of F/F sprinkled in). Why do I write both types of romance under the same pen name? Because in my mind, romance is romance, and it doesn't matter whether that romance takes place between a male and a female, two males, or two females. I love exploring heavily emotional plots and story lines, which M/M allows me to sink my teeth into. But I also enjoy writing about the purely feminine experience a woman has when she meets Mr. Right. I get something out of writing both types of romance. There is something very beautiful about a woman's body being pleased by a man, as well as there is about two male bodies (or two females) exploring one another in unabashed passion. In my mind, I see them as two very different types of beauty, but both are extremely beguiling and both allow me to venture into different types of romantic experiences rife with different types of conflict and adversity.

With that said, my muse this week is one of my favorite M/M muses. His name is Ryan Barry, and he is a real life gay fashion model. He dated Reichen Lehmkuhl, and he has posed with other gay male models such as Levi Poulter. Both Reichen and Levi appear in some of the pictures below. While nothing here is considered "mature" or over 18 content (I've cropped out any nudey-booty bits), if M/M images disturb you, today's Monday Muse isn't for you. However, if you don't mind seeing a man kissing another man, then go forth and browse Mr. Barry's pics. He makes for luscious eye candy with his dark, muscular physique and striking eyes. He is quite the hot tamale, with or without a male on his arm, and he serves as a muse for an upcoming story of mine if I can ever work through my growing to-be-written list.


  1. LOL - no need to crop anything for me ;)

    1. Me, neither, but I try so hard to keep from having to mark my blog as adult content. :)