Monday, July 30, 2012

Micah's Fall - Introduction

Last week I mentioned I would be posting a free read here on my blog. I want to do this for my fans, many of whom have said that they would like to know what happened before Rise of the Fallen took place. In other words, what brought Micah Black so effectively to his knees with anguish? Well, the first chapter of Micah's Fall will be up in just a few hours.

Here's what I want you to know about this free read:
  • Micah's Fall is a prequel to Rise of the Fallen (and the All the King's Men series I'm currently writing and publishing).
  • I have created a tab at the top where all the chapters will be posted in sequential order.
  • This free read is ONLY A ROUGH, FIRST DRAFT, which means it will likely be riddled with errors since it has not gone through any edits. I put my manuscripts through 5-10 intensive rounds of edits and proofs before I finalize them, and this story will require a TON of research into historical facts. This free read is simply a skeleton for me to build around through edits. If anyone has knowledge they feel will help me make the story more accurate/interesting, please email me or leave a comment.
  • This story will eventually go through editing and proofing, and it will be published, but only the first draft will be posted here. Reader feedback is EXTREMELY welcome, so don't hold back if you have something to point out or say.
  • The published version of this story will likely be drastically different than this rough draft version being posted here. Anyone who read the early draft(s) of Rise of the Fallen knows that the final product hardly resembled the first few drafts. And I added 30,000 words to the first draft of Heart of the Warrior and rewrote entire chapters before finalizing that manuscript. So, yes, I have a history of completely tearing apart my rough draft before becoming happy with the final version that gets published. Beta feedback is critical for me to do that. Consider yourselves all beta readers.
  • No posting schedule has been set. I could post one chapter a day, week, or month, depending on what's going on elsewhere in my life. Hopefully, you will see at least one new chapter each week, but I can't guarantee that.
NOTE: I own the copyright on this story. This means you can NOT re-publish my story or profit from it without my direct written consent. If you are enjoying the story, feel free to refer others to my blog and/or my books by posting my blog link or promoting the books, but you are not legally allowed to reproduce this story as your own or post it elsewhere. If I find that this story is being copied and pasted anywhere but here, I will immediately remove all posts and cease posting further chapters. Please respect my intellectual property and follow these guidelines so everyone can enjoy the story.

With that, enjoy the free read.

Thank you

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