Sunday, July 22, 2012

Monday Muse - Johnny Depp

Back when I was in high school, this movie came out titled Nightmare on Elm Street. No big thing really, right? Just another scary movie with a baddie wielding knives for fingers, wearing a dirty, red and green striped sweater, and terrorizing the dreams of teenagers. Oh, but wait! Who's that? Yum-o! Glen's kinda hot. Who plays him? Johnny Depp, you say? Who's Johnny Depp? I think I watched Nightmare on Elm Street so many times just because Johnny Depp was in it...and that's before the Deppmeister was even a household name.

Did you know that his good friend, Nicolas Cage, got him the read for the part? Just a bit of trivia there.

Next came 21 Jump Street sans Channing Tatum. Rowr! There's Johnny Depp again. I remember that my dad recorded the episodes for me on VHS. LOL. That Johnny Depp boy was fine, fine, fine!

Nowadays, Mr. Depp is known more for Captain Jack Sparrow than he is for Glen or whatever his character's name was on 21 Jump Street (see, I don't even remember...I just know he was HOT). I happen to think this hottie would make a fine vampire character for one of my stories someday. Hmmm. I'll have to think about that.

For now, sit back and let out a little purr over the amazing, eclectic, and sexy Johnny Depp.

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  1. LOL - this is the first time you post one I don't think is hot, "coughs and searches for a place to hide*

    Ah - isn't it a good thing that we all have different tastes?