Friday, October 5, 2012

My Own True Ghost Story

In my last blog post, I brought up Ouija Boards, which have the ability to open portals for spirits to use to walk between realms. While I've never seriously gotten down with a Ouija board, I have had experiences with ghosts. The following is a true story.

When I was a little girl, I shared a bedroom with my brother until I got old enough for my own room. We had bunk beds, and I got the bottom bunk. So, one night, I woke up and had to go to the bathroom. I can't remember exactly how old I was, but I was pretty young. Maybe eight or nine. I know I was in elementary school. At any rate, I opened the bedroom door and stepped into the hallway. When I looked up, I froze. A little girl was standing there looking at me. She was in vivid color, and I described the dress she wore as floral print because it was so colorful. She just stood there and looked at me, and I stood there and stared at her, terrified to the point that I was frozen in place and couldn't move. And then I think her hand moved or something. That's what snapped me back out of it. I turned and bolted back into the bedroom, diving head-first into my bed.

After several minutes, I woke my brother up and told him what had happened and that he had to go with me so I could go to the bathroom. No way was I going back out into that hallway alone. But when he took me out there, the little girl was gone.

A few years later, when I had finally calmed down about this mysterious little girl ghost, and when I had my own room, I was ready to talk to her if I ever saw her again. I had even grown so bold as to leave my bedroom door open as a means to invite her in if she wanted to talk to me.

One night, I was sound asleep and suddenly woke up out of nowhere. I wasn't thirsty, sick, and didn't have to pee. Nothing. I was just suddenly wide awake, as if someone had flipped a switch and I had gone from being dead asleep to wide awake in an instant. Not knowing what had awakened me, I remember sort of sighing and rolled my head over the pillow. My bed was positioned so that if I was lying down, I could look to the right and see out my bedroom door to the bathroom down the hall.

So, I had rolled my head to the right, and I was looking down the hall to the bathroom, and there was this faint glow. The bathroom door was opened halfway, and out from behind the door, this huge—and I mean extremely tall — hooded figure appeared. It moved around the door and began floating down the hall toward me. I say floating, because it hovered about 6 inches or so off the ground, maybe more. The robe was a greenish color, and the inside of the hood was black. I couldn't see a face or anything in there, but the robe billowed out and around as if feet were swishing it forward. I mean, the robe flowed as it would have if you or I were wearing it and walking around in it. And perhaps it could be described as more of a floor-length, hooded, cloak.

At any rate, this extremely tall figure came toward me, the top of its head passing through the door frame of the bathroom. I freaked. Again. This was no little girl, and I wanted nothing to do with it. But like before, I was frozen in place with fear. I mean, the little girl had just stood there, but this thing was walking, and it was walking toward me. I had to do something to make it go away, and I had to do it now. I threw off my covers and jumped out of my bed and "hid" behind my bedroom's door frame. I distinctly remember thinking, "If I can't see it, it will go away." Uh-huh. Yeah, sure. Shows how naive I was. The big and tall hooded creepy thing came into my room. It was seriously only a foot away from me, and even as I write this, I can feel the panic I felt then. I was petrified with fear.

The greenish, hooded, scary ghost entered my room, then began to turn toward me. I did the only thing I could think of. I sort of half-swatted, half-punched it. I don't remember feeling anything, but then again, I was beyond terrified. As I hit this whatever-it-was, it instantly disappeared, and I remember that it didn't disappear all at once. It sort of blew apart into what I can only describe as fabric-like swatches that quickly faded away.

Needless to say, I pretty much went into shock. I jumped back into bed, shivering, frozen scared, unable to move, barely able to breath. It was only by force of will that about a half-hour later I was able to dart to my brother's room and curl up in a fetal position at the foot of his bed and finally fall back to sleep.

That house always scared me after that. I dreaded being inside it alone, always feeling like someone was watching me, but never seeing any more ghosts. My brother saw someone sitting in the chair in the living room one night, but he wrote it off as our stepdad. But the next morning, our stepdad was like, "No, I went to bed. I wasn't in the living room."

At any rate, there's my brush with the paranormal. Have you had experiences with ghosts?


  1. Wow, this is terrifying! I've a few experiences and ghosts have always been kind of a 'normal' thing for my family, as many of my aunts and great-aunts have seen things at one point of another. However, nothing this scary has ever happened to me, and I thank God! Today I write horror novels but I'm just as deadly scare of them as a five year-old.

    Great story! I'll come back to check for more of you 31 days of Halloween. =)

    1. It was terrifying. I wish I knew what it meant and why this ghost came after me. The fact that it was floating off the floor tells me this was a spirit in the other realm, not this one, and it seemed intent on me. Why? I'll never know. In hindsight, the experience was kinda cool, but I certainly wasn't thinking that at the time.

      I hope you enjoy my other features during my 31 Days of Halloween. Next week I'll be having a quiz based on the week's posts. :) And I'll be giving away a prize to one lucky person.

  2. I'm from Maine and Maine is littered with ghosts.
    My grandmother had bought the house as a wedding gift for my parents. A real estate transaction completed apparently without inspection, (the house was bought for its location, near to my grandmothers boarding house). My mother was the first one to enter the house. A Baltimore raised debutante with a degree in French literature, one can only imagine her thoughts as she steps across the threshold of her new home to encounter rooms strung with crosses and ropes of garlic.
    The first order of business for every new bride is redecorating the new home, My mother gathered up all the crosses and garlic and tossed them out with the trash. The last bag carted out she returns to the house and a cold wind rushes though the house and the chandeliers in every room begin swinging. (The chandeliers were relics from the houses gas light days, converted to electric use. They were bloated metal spiders hanging from the middle of the ceiling in every room.) The crosses, the garlic the weird wind and ceilings of dancing spiders well, it’s no wonder my mother waited out on the porch for my father to get home .
    What I always wondered about was, why didn't they put the crosses back and why was there never any garlic in the house?
    Amelia was the name of a woman who had lived and died in the house and as it sounded a goodish name for a ghost it stuck. Amelia was an active ghost. Even people who just slept over for a night or two left with an Amelia story to tell. Voices whispering in the dark, footsteps on the stairs, the invisible yet heard rocking chair, a chandelier suddenly swinging in unseen wind.
    Amelia solidified her place as our own personal mythic figure the night Mr. Peeve did a naughty thing.
    Mr. and Mrs. Peeve rented an apartment upstairs. Mrs. Peeve was a large woman, (women in those days weren't fat, they had thyroid problems). She collected elephants. She had Jade elephants, ivory elephants, wood elephants, she had a huge terrarium fully tricked out as a miniature elephant habitat, with little trees little bridges little houses and lakes, and elephants elephants everywhere. She had an elephant carved out of a grain of rice, she kept it in a test tube and you had to look really close.
    Mr. Peeve was a small thin man who looked like a particularly unsuccessful used car salesman. Which apparently wasn't the dating impediment you would think it would be. Mr. Peeve came home late one night. He showered he shaved he brushed his teeth then crawled into bed. Mrs. Peeve awoke to a most dreadful sight. Two pair of ghostly hands clutching at Mr. Peeves throat. Mr. Peeve thrashing around in eye bulging terror choking for stolen breath. Mrs. Peeve turned on the lights and the ghostly hands disappeared and Mr. Peeve could breath again.
    Mr. Peeve moved out the next day never to return. Mrs. Peeve stayed on and never had a lick of trouble from Amelia.
    There was dinner table discussion over the two pair of hands Mr. and Mrs. Peeve had seen. Were there possibly two ghosts? Or was Amelia dating?

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