Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Urban Dictionary Definitions of Halloween

Since my previous blog post of Urban Dictionary Halloween definitions was so popular, and since someone pointed out that I left off werewolves (my bad), I thought I would correct my oversight, as well as give you all some more fun definitions. Enjoy! (As before, adult language, misspelled words, and grammar errors might be included since I pulled these definitions straight from the Urban Dictionary website).


There weren't many definitions, but here are the ones worth noting:

Buff guys, that turn into 6' tall wolves. In the transition to their wolf form, they shed all their clothes, yet, when they transition back into their human form, they magically grow them back. It has been said, that this is due to the fact that their genitalia is abnormal, and as an act of sympathy, some wizard enchanted them with the power to grow pants. These werewolves are basically perfect. You will never find one of these in the real world, so if you want to find one, look in some badfics.

[There were 6 entries for the following. I took this one because I thought it was the funniest]: While receiving a blow job the male pulls out before ejaculation and blows on the recipient's face then throws pre-cut pubic hair onto their face thus enraging the recipient into a werewolf like state. [A variation stated that the hair made the person look like a werewolf].

Jack O'Lantern

I looked up Jack O'Lantern and instead found every variation known to man on this term. Here are a few of the best that didn't go over into absurdly gross:

Jacked O'Lantern: The process of having your Jack O' Lantern stolen from your property.

Crack O'Lantern: The smile that a longterm crackhead/cokehead displays due to missing teeth. The remaining teeth are spaced out with the gaps from missing teeth very obvious, thus resembling a classic Jack O' Lantern carved mouth.

The American Jack O'Lantern: On the night of All Hallows Eve, the male proceeds to thrust a carved pumpkin onto his partner's, male or female, head while participating in the act of sexual intercourse. While the male performs these tasks he must yell out "Trick or Treat."

Can you think of more I should look up?