Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thank you!

I have many people to thank for hosting me on my first-ever blog tour this month. And for those who missed out on all the insider information, never-before-revealed series info, excerpts, blurbs, and juicy nuggets (what is the weirdest thing I've done in the name of research? for example), head over to the following blogs and catch up. 

Blog Tour - Rise of the Fallen

May 2 - Book Monster Reviews - Carla Gallway (Assistant extraordinaire)
May 2 - Literal Addiction - Michelle Leah Olson
May 11 - Pimpin' Reads - Jowanna Delong Kestner (the magician who set it all up - I bow to thee, mighty Obiwan)
May 12 - Page Flipperz - Katrina Whittaker
May 13 - Deena Remiel's Place - Deena Remiel (and check out Deena's books while you're there)
May 14 - Demon Lovers Books & More - Kelly Oakes
May 15 - Kristina's Books & More - Kristina Haecker
May 16 - Forbidden Reviews - Mindy Janicke
May 17 - Sassy Book Lovers - Stacey Clifford
May 18 - The Jeep Diva - Vanessa Romano
May 19 - The Bookish Snob - Bookish Snob
May 20 - United by Books - Lindsey Hutchison
May 21 - Road to Hell - Gracen Miller

I believe you'll find some fantastic previously undisclosed info on those last few blogs. I tried to change it up a bit with each stop. :) I've added links to each of these blogs on the right side of this page, as well, if any of you ever want to stop in here then jump over to one of theirs.

Again, bloggers, thank you for hosting me and hopefully we can do it again later this year when Io's book comes out. I'll plan more time up front for that one, though. 

Happy reading and writing, everyone.


  1. You are very welcome. It was a blast and a pleasure. JK

    1. Let's do another one in October/November. Woo-hoo! I will actually earmark that on my calendar if you want to plan something. (Yes, I'm a plan-aheader - LOL).