Thursday, May 17, 2012


Hello, blog followers!

I have not forgotten about you. This is a huge week as I prepare Heart of the Warrior for release and finish my blog tour. In addition to all those two projects entail, in a week's time, I have been approached, interviewed, and obtained an offer for a temporary job where I will be working on a special project for a dear friend of mine I used to work for. If anybody else had asked, I don't think I would have done it, but when my friend presented me with the opportunity last week, I was so excited for the chance to work with him again that I jumped at it. The job is scheduled to last 90 days, give or take, and then I will be back to writing novels full time.

So, while I will still be writing part-time now, my blog posts might not be as frequent as before. I will still try to keep up with my Monday Muse, Wednesday Writing Tip, and Sneak Peeks and Teasers, but I may not post every day as I have been.

Here's what the coming months hold as far as writing projects:

May - Heart of the Warrior goes on sale May 25
June - The Arms of Winter is set to release from Silver Publishing (date TBD)
July/August - Micah's Calling, an AKM novella, will release
September - Possible short story in an anthology (details and date TBD)
October - Fingers crossed for book three of the AKM series (working title Rebel Obsession)
November - Short story to appear in an anthology (details and date TBD)
December - I am working on a very special project I am hoping will be ready for release by December 15th, entitled The Christmas Pendant. It is a stand-alone, paranormal piece. Fingers crossed that it gets finished in time. It is part of a trilogy. If it's not ready by Christmas, I will not publish it. I would rather wait and make sure it's right than rush it when it's not ready.

2013 holds the promise for books 4-6 of the AKM series, as well as for a stand-alone romance I'm currently working on with the working title of Model Romance. This story will be a bit of a departure from my normal methods of writing. For one, it will be contemporary rather than paranormal, and I'm planning it to be written in first person rather than third - not my usual style.

I hope you follow along on the journey, and if nothing else, this post will help keep me reminded of what I've got working for the rest of 2012. You know, just in case I forget. LOL.

Happy reading!

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  1. Thanks...paitiently waiting for your releases ;)