Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Muse - Arion (aka Richie Nuzzolese)

In honor of this week's release of Heart of the Warrior, today's muse is Richie Nuzzolese, my muse for Arion. Arion is described in Heart of the Warrior as easily the best looking guy on the team at AKM. His vampire bloodlines are pure, his body appears chiseled by the gods, he comes from vampire aristocracy, and he's the guy all the girls want to be with. But Arion is beginning to realize he wasn't meant for the ladies. He's been forcing himself to live a lie all his life, to the point he's convinced himself he's heterosexual, when, in fact, he's not. Now that he's met Severin (whose muse we met a few weeks ago), his true self is awakened and his whole world will turn upside-down.

Okay, so here's how big o' balls I have. I actually contacted Mr. Nuzzolese about appearing on the cover of Heart of the Warrior. Yes, I did. Yours truly held an email correspondence with Mr. Friday Night (he's the hottie in Katy Perry's Friday Night video). He was interested, but we couldn't work out the details to make it happen since I'm currently on a shoestring budget, so he shall remain my muse in my head while a different model gets the honors of appearing on the actual cover. I hope you enjoy drooling - er, I mean, looking at his pics. Happy viewing!

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