Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Voices in My Head

Model, Andrei Andrei, is my muse for my character, Micah Black, the main character of my upcoming book, Rise of the Fallen (ROTF).  [Look at those affected eyes and that mysterious face - can you see why he's my muse?] Micah is such a powerful character and exudes such a strong presence that even as I write book two in the series, which is Severin's and Arion's story, when Micah comes on page, the story clearly bends to his will.  His buddy is Traceon, who both of my beta readers have said they have fallen in love with, and he is equally as powerful as Micah.  Putting them together, then, is damn near explosive.  Why?  Because despite Traceon's quiet outer demeanor, both he and Micah have powerful character voices that bring them to life to the point they are almost living, breathing beings.

Many writers say their characters speak to them. Mine don't just speak. They oftentimes argue, push, shove,  and otherwise show me every damn emotion they're feeling.  I joked on my Facebook page today that I actually went out for lunch, and that while I took that break from writing, my characters all took that as a sign that they could talk to me.  I had nine character voices pummeling me with information, arguing, scowling, moping, hem-hawing, and skulking.  I was a psychologist's wet dream for about a half-hour.

But the information my characters give me is VITAL to their stories.  I rely on them to talk to me, because when they're not talking, I'm not writing.  So even though today was exceptionally trying from my sanity's standpoint, from the author's standpoint that dwells within me, I was in Heaven!  I love my characters, and as long as they're talking to me, it means they love me as well as what I'm conveying on the printed page about them.  So, talk away, little voices.  I'm "hear" all day and all night.

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