Sunday, February 19, 2012

My own website? I'm SOMEBODY now!

I'm Somebody Now

Today, the website is kind of like the phone book used to be. You're not really somebody until you have your own website. And, yesterday, my website got up and running. Woo-hoo! 

Now don't get all excited. It's nothing much at the moment. It's still under construction and will be for a while, but the point is, I have my own website. Yay! It's part of my overall business and marketing plan as an author, and I'm excited about all the neat things I will be incorporating into my website as it gets built. For example, my blog will be moving to my website, hopefully in the next couple of months, and a couple of my book characters have demanded they get their own emails, so . . . you figure that one out. *wink* 

Down the road, I hope to add a P.O. Box to my contact information, because who doesn't like to receive actual fan mail once in a while? Again, I have a feeling a couple of my characters would love to see what fans would like to send them. Vain vampires, aren't they? But they will have to wait a while. I don't see a P.O. Box happening for at least six months.

At any rate, seeing my fledgling website go live was way exciting for me. But enough celebrating. I have work to do, like finishing the final edits on book one and pre-edits on book two of the All the King's Men series. TTFN. *waves and runs back to Micah, Severin, and Arion.*

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  1. Is your website updated? It’s important that you update your website from time to time. Although the design is likable, other sections of it still need improvements. When I visited the site and clicked on the following links – The Books, Where to Buy, and Contact – they appear to have errors. If you want your books to sell, you need to create a more functional and attractive online site. Just sayin’. ^_^

    Darryl Tay