Sunday, December 9, 2012

RT Book Lovers Convention

I know it's still four-and-a-half months away, but I am already super stoked about the RT convention in Kansas City in May. I've been dying to go since my friends swung through Indianapolis for lunch on their way back from last year's convention in Chicago. I met them at Bob Evans and listened to them talk about what an awesome experience it was and how much they had learned and all the free books they got and...well, let's just say it was awesome.

I vowed that very minute that I would attend next year's.

As soon as I learned where the convention was being held, I made my hotel reservations. That was done months ago. And just his past week, I finally registered. My friends convinced me that I needed to obtain some promotional space, so I now have a table along "Promo Lane," where I'll be setting out bookmarks and other swag for people attending the convention. Part of me wants to participate in one of the other promotional events, but the other part of me wants to make sure I don't miss any of the classes I want to attend. And there are a lot of wonderful classes, let me tell you. Classes on marketing, promotion, craft, genre-specific classes, and sooo many more.

I'll be at the convention for five days, and I don't think it will be enough time to do and see all that I want. All the authors, materials, agents, fans, parties, books, and everything else. But this will be my first RT, so it'll get me geared up right for the next year. Because, oh yes, I'm already planning for RT in 2014, because I want to fully take advantage of ALL the promotional opportunities in 2014, and want to unveil the book that all my fans have been waiting for there, as well. Yep. That's right. Trace's novel. He deserves such an unveiling.

And I think I just heard a few of my fans fall over, because now they know when to expect Trace's book. :) And if you want them autographed, come see me at RT in 2014. Wherever and whenever it may be held.

Happy reading and writing.


  1. I went last year and let me tell you this.. This was an exciting adventure. The classes were truly informative. The people were amazing and the swag.. oh my gosh!!

    I did not have one single negative moment. There were well over a thousand people there and not one ugly moment.. Everyone just wanted to have some fun!!

    1. That's what happens when you get a bunch of book lovers together: Utopia! :)

      This is one convention I don't think I'll ever miss again.