Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Update from Lightning Bolt Central - Silver Linings

For those who follow me on Facebook, you know we got our internet back last night after the hubs spent two days taking inventory of what we needed and what was destroyed...and recovering. A lightning bolt at 5:45AM can be a bit stressful and tiring, you know. In fact, our poor doggie, Gizmo, had a seizure Sunday night from all the overwhelming excitement.

Yet, while we have internet service, we are still without quite a bit of everything else. Let's see if I can remember what all we lost in the lightning storm that hell sent to my house: Phones, TV, satellite receivers, home theater, high end laser printer, one lap top, router, modem, a monitor, a docking station, the doorbell, and a night light. I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Oh yes. The tree. I think we're going to lose our beloved tulip tree.

Not happy about that.

But it could be worse. That ginormous tulip tree might have given its life to save our house. If not for the tulip, our house could have been hit. What's more is that the sturdy tulip tree was strong enough not to explode from the strike. Bark blew off and three massive cracks extend up the trunk on all side (and two holes blew out of the ground at its base), but that mighty tree did NOT explode or fall over. If it had, the damage to our home and our neighbor's home would have been enormous.

So, things could be worse. We're thankful that we weren't hit worse than we were, because just a few miles to the south, the destruction from the storm was still being felt yesterday...and maybe even today. We're trying to look on the bright side of he situation, as well. Turns out that TVs and DirecTV plans have vastly improved since we got ours many years ago. We actually have no choice but to go with upgrades over what we had, because what we had is not longer available. So, how 'bout that? What's more is that the new DirecTV plan also allows us to do away with our phones altogether. No more need for a land line, so that could save us about $720/year. Being that we're going to see significant savings after we refinance the house, as well as from trading in the car last week, savings could really start to rack up around here. So, while the lightning strike seemed pretty catastrophic at first, we're finding that it was one of those blessings-in-disguise kinda things.

Now it's time to start getting back to business as usual, which means my next book, Micah's Calling, is going into the formatting stage to be prepped for release this coming weekend.

Happy reading and writing!

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