Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Showing My Age

I just spent a couple of hours redesigning my blog. I like the new look, however, I can't help but wonder if someone half my age could have taken 1/4 the time to do what took me two hours to figure out. Seriously. LOL.

The good news is, I did figure it out and I have now loaded book links to my blog. I have given it a new background and a new "feel." I even added a banner, although I think I will need a lot more practice before I truly learn how to make it LOOK like a banner. But that lesson is for another day.

But I am proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Not that I'm that old, but I grew up in the pre-cell phone age. I took notes in a notebook -- and not a computer notebook, but a notebook with paper in it that required the use of a - gasp - pen or pencil and left you with cramps in your hand from writing for so long and so fast.

At any rate, my two hour self-taught workshop on blogger has left me with a gratifying sense of accomplishment. Aaahhh! I welcome any advice that others can provide as I continue learning how to tweak my blog. :)

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